AirBolt – never lose your luggage again!

I am sure that at least once in your life you had to travel somewhere where the only way of transportation was by train or airplane. Traveling like this, you know you have to carry a luggage with you. Nowadays, we all know how easy a luggage can be lost or stolen, especially on airplanes. How frustrating it can be to find out that the airport staff lost your luggage or someone stole it.

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Not all the people put a lock on their luggage and even for those who do, it’s hard to recover it if it gets stolen or lost. I noticed something brilliant on internet forums, a specially designed lock that will help you a lot in these cases! The name of the product is AirBolt and now it is available in United States!

AirBolt – how it works

AirBolt is basically a lock but it is so different from ordinary locks. First of all, this lock is very resistant, the materials that built this device are designed to resist extreme weather condition or severe hits. The second aspect, and the most important one, is the fact that the lock has Bluetooth technology incorporated and this way you will create a connection with your phone. Using an application, you will be able to lock and unlock your luggage and it also gives you the ability to track your luggage. This way, if you ever lose it or someone steals it, you will be able to track the location and recover it. This is amazing in my opinion! Basically, you are safe from all points of view!

What are people thinking about this product

“So nice to finally travel without having to worry about luggage” or “I never thought that I can recover my luggage so easy” are just some of the feedbacks that people who use this lock are giving it to this special product. I noticed that this product is especially praised by people who travel a lot and who, most likely had a lot of unpleasant moments with their luggage. But even if you don’t travel a lot, it’s better to not take any chances and be safe because you never know when you will lose your luggage.

I also noticed that a lot of people from the United States bought it and are very pleased with it.

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AirBolt – how to use it

If you decided to give this product a try and you would like to know more information about it before making an order, I suggest you to visit the official page of the product, a very well structured page where you will find every details about this lock. The producers explain how to use it in every aspect, from how to attach it to your luggage to how to use the application in order to make it work. The lock is attached to your luggage and after you have to active the Bluetooth function and link it to your phone.

The instructions are very simple to use, even for an amateur in modern technology. After you linked the lock with your phone, with the help of the application, you will be able to lock and unlock it, and the most important thing, you will easily track your luggage. Let’s say someone steals your luggage. Usually, you will go to the police, file a report and after only luck can help you. Now imagine your luggage gets stolen, you go to the police, you open the application and you show them exactly where your luggage is. Perfect, right? You will have it back in no time!

AirBolt – a special price for the United States

The producers offers considerable discounts and several special packages. You can opt and buy just one lock for yourself, but you also have the possibility to buy special packages, with a reduced price, that have more locks. You can choose the last option if you want to buy the locks for your family members or friends or simply if you have more than one luggage. I also noticed that this offer applies in United States as well so if you’re from there, do not hesitate to make an order!

The order is made only on the official page of the product where you’ll find all the instructions you need.

AirBolt – other opinions

I am convinced that you will love this product. Did you test it?

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